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Like many other educational establishments, universities have huge requirements for storage. From documents relating to students, to research archives and libraries full of books, it is impossible to have an education sector organisation without having items to store!

With vast quantities of books, documents and archive material to keep somewhere safe what are the best options for university shelving? We share below some of the most common solutions:

Lockers – lockers provide an ideal storage solution for pretty much working and educational settings. Their security and versatility mean that they are ideal for use by admin personnel in addition to students who require somewhere safe to store books and other personal items.

Static shelving – static shelving systems are perfect for a library, particularly if you choose shelving without any protrusions, edges or raised seams since this helps to maintain manuscripts and books in good condition. Angled shelves with hinges enable the storage of items such as journals underneath and heavy duty shelving options enable you to store heavier items. within science rooms and labs, static shelving also plays a key role as it can be used to display important items,and keep them free from dust by using sliding doors.

Mobile shelving – For university shelving, particularly for use in a library, mobile systems can offer the best solution. These mobile systems are easily moved to enable access when needed and will also make the most of the space available. Powered systems feature easy to use controls, to make accessing the items being stored a simple and fast process. Sophisticated systems will offer extra options such as timed access control, automatic lighting and pin entry for authorised staff only. These mobile systems can also be integrated with your access control systems and in the event of fire, be automatically closed.

Archive shelving – not only brilliant at storing archived materials, this type of shelving is also {adaptable and flexible enough to meet|very flexible and will adapt to most storage requirements. These all-purpose systems, sometimes referred to as university racking perfectly suit educational environments as they will meet the changing needs of administrative staff, lecturers and students.

What will university storage be like in the future?

With internet shopping continuing to rise in popularity, it could be the students themselves that drive the changes in the future requirements of storage at universities. As reception areas become overwhelmed with deliveries for on-site student - Click and Collect facilities which use secure lockers or other forms of storage could be a welcome introduction to staff and students alike, so watch out for the latest trends.

Need help choosing storage products? Click here for more information on university storage.

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